Cloud Enterprise Object Storage REST API

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Get Bucket Policy

GET /?policy

Retrieves The Bucket Policy for the bucket.

URL Format

Host Style:
Path Style:

Request Headers

x-amz-date optionalThe timestamp of the request added by the requester. Example: Tue, 03 Sept 2013 12:00:00 GMT. If the Authorization header is specified, you must specify either the x-amz-date or the Date header. If both the headers are specified, the value of x-amz-date header is chosen.
Authorization requiredInformation needed to authenticate requests.

Required Roles

Requires one of the following roles:





The following conditions must be met in order to call this operation.

  • Only the owner of the bucket or a user having permission can retrieve the policy on a specified bucket

  • BaseUrl used in a host-style request URL should be pre-configured using the ECS Management API or the ECS Portal (for example, in the URL:

  • Namespace corresponding to this bucket should exist (for example, ns1).

Response Body

Bucket Policy on the specified bucket.

Version: Specifies the policy language version.
Id: Specifies an optional identifier for the policy.
Statement: Contains the policies.
Sid: It is an optional identifier that is provided for the policy statement.
Effect: Specifies whether the statement will result in an allow or an explicit deny.
Principal: Specifies the user.
NotPrincipal: Use the NotPrincipal element to specify an exception to a list of principals.
Action: Specifies the action or actions that will be allowed or denied. Statements must include either an Action or NotAction element.
NotAction: Specifies an advanced policy element that explicitly matches everything except a list of actions.
Resource: Specifies the object or objects that the statement covers.
NotResource: Specifies an advanced policy element that explicitly matches everything except a list of resources.
Condition: An optional element which specifies conditions for when a policy is in effect.