Cloud Enterprise Object Storage REST API

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Call Home


API for managing ESRS configuration and sending alerts to ConnectEMC for troubleshooting and debugging purposes.

Resource Description
POST /vdc/callhome/alert/ Creates and sends an alert event with error logs attached as an aid to troubleshooting customer issues
POST /vdc/callhome/esrs/ Configures ESRS Servers
GET /vdc/callhome/esrs/{esrs_id} Get ESRS Server info.
GET /vdc/callhome/esrs/ Get ESRS Server info.
DELETE /vdc/callhome/esrs/{esrs_id} Delete specified ESRS Servers
PUT /vdc/callhome/esrs/{esrs_id}/enabled Enable (disable) existing ESRS
GET /vdc/callhome/esrs/{esrs_id}/enabled Whether esrs enabled or not
POST /vdc/callhome/{esrs_id} Make dial home request for existing ESRS
GET /vdc/callhome/{esrs_id} Get last dial home status for existing ESRS