Cloud Enterprise Object Storage REST API

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API Error Codes

127 Exceeding assignment limit
1002 URI parameter is invalid
1003 Unsupported or missing media type
1004 Request parameter cannot be found
1005 Required parameter is missing or empty
1006 Request parameter is inactive and marked for deletion
1007 Method not supported
1008 Parameter was provided but invalid
1009 Bad headers
1010 Resource marked For deletion
1011 Unable to use provided VPool
1012 Unable to make requested change
1013 Bad request body
1014 Parameter value not within range
1015 Resource already exists
1016 Invalid zone specified
1017 Unable to register system
1018 Not registered
1019 Resource not found
1020 Resource is being referenced
1021 Unable to find a suitable placement to handle the request
1022 Already registered
1023 Version is not supported
1025 Unable to delete resource
1026 Insufficient permissions for user
1028 Unsupported role assignment
1029 Time bucket parameter invalid
1030 Virtual pool change would be disruptive
1031 Exceeding limit
1032 An error occurred during quota validation for provisioning
1033 Unknown RecoverPoint configuration specified
1034 An error occurred while finding a suitable placement to handle the request
1035 Attachment(s) size is more than maximum allowed
1036 Invalid volume type
1037 Invalid protection virtual pool configuration.
1038 Invalid file share name specified
1039 Invalid Network Configuration
1040 Invalid virtual pool
1041 There is no download in progress
1042 Operation not supported on ingested volumes
1042 Invalid maximum continuous copies
1043 The high availability for the continuous copies virtual pool is invalid
1044 Invalid continuous copies vpool
1045 Invalid action
1046 Virtual pool in use as continuous copies virtual pool
1047 API not been initialized
1048 Unable to find mirror virtual pool
1049 Parameter was not provided
2000 Unable to find entity in request URL
2001 URI parameter is inactive and marked for deletion
3000 This operation is forbidden for this resource using the specified credentials
3001 This operation is forbidden due to license check failure.
4000 Invalid credentials or authentication token provided to access to this resource
5001 An error occurred in the controller during a file operation
5002 An error occurred in the controller during a file storage device connection operation
6000 Unable to connect to the service. The service is unavailable, try again later
6001 Download initializing
7000 An error occurred in the API Service
7001 An error occurred when getting the Jaxb context
7002 An error occurred in the Audit Log Service
7003 An error occurred in the Metering service
7004 Event retrieval error
7005 An occurred during the Ingestion Request
7006 An error occurred during deletion of the RP volume
7007 An error occurred during RP volume creation
7008 Error occurred during dowloading image
8000 An error occurred in the database
8001 Unable to find the object with the given id
8003 Failed to write to database
8004 Failed to read from database
8005 Failed to delete from database
8006 Failed to query from database
8007 Invalid annotation
8500 Unable to connect to the database service
8501 Dummy failure for testing
9000 Unable to queue the job
9001 An error occurred in the coordinator
9002 Error occurred while decoding from coordinator
9003 Invalid repository information
9004 Not connectable endpoint
9500 Unable to queue the job
9501 The coordinator was unable to locate the service
10000 A security error has occured.
10001 An error occurred while encoding/decoding of tokens
10004 Required parameter is missing or empty
10005 An error occurred while verifying the service signature
10500 A service which is required to complete the security request is unavailable
10501 ViPR keystore operation is unavailable
11000 Unable to schedule job
11001 Unable to locate device controller
11002 Unable to scan job
11003 Unable to monitor job
12002 An error occurred while metering storage devices
12003 An error occurred while monitoring storage devices
12005 URI parameter is invalid
12006 Controller Entity is marked for deletion
12007 An error occurred when updating the EndPoints
12008 Attempt to use an unknown transport zone
12009 Unable to find the controller entity
12011 An error occurred in getting the Block Object's Native ID
14000 An error occurred in a workflow step
14002 The workflow step has been cancelled
15000 Unable to dispatch to a controller
30000 Cluster state is not stable
30001 Error occurred while releasing lock
30002 Object is null or empty
30003 Error occurred while writing
30004 Error occurred while reading
30005 Error occurred while creating object
30006 Error occurred while retrieving object
30007 Error occurred while setting object
30008 Error occurred while updating object
30009 Self test wait to complete
30010 Self test error occurred
30011 Error occurred while executing upload install
30012 Error occurred while waking up other nodes
30013 ConnectEMC service not configured
30014 Error occurred when initializing SSL content for remote repository
30015 No node available to execute operations
30016 Object is invalid
30018 Error occurred while releasing lock not by the lock owner
30020 Invalid software version
30021 Local repository error occurred
30022 Remote repository error occurred
30023 Error occurred while calling internal api
30024 Internal exception occurred
30025 Error occurred while calling coordinator client
30026 Service is busy
30027 Error occurred while powering off other nodes
30028 Failed to download a new image
30029 Error occurred while restarting service
30030 Failed connecting to controller
40000 Datastore creation failed
40001 Datastore deletion failed
40002 Project is invalid
40003 Project not found for namespace
40004 ObjectStore is invalid
40005 ObjectStore not found for namespace
40006 ObjectStore being used is not compatible with the request
40007 ObjectStore does not have associated datastore
40008 Bucket already exists
40009 Invalid bucket name
40010 Bucket Owner not valid
40011 Invalid object virtual pool type
40012 Invalid varray
40013 No Data Store
40014 System being initialized
40015 VPool lists not mutually exclusive
40016 Internal error while listing data nodes
50000 Cannot connect the remote vdc
50001 Internal error occurred during vdc management operations
50002 Cannot acquire global lock for vdc operations
50003 The federation has more than two different versions
50004 The federation is unstable
51001 Invalid vdc status occurred when connecting vdc
51002 Precheck of adding vdc failed
51003 Failed to generate the new vdc config info
51004 Sync new cert failed
51005 Generate cert chain failed
51006 Sync vdc configuration of connecting vdc failed
51007 Postcheck of connecting vdc failed
51008 Update vdc status failed in connecting vdc
52001 Precheck of removing vdc failed
52002 Sync vdc configuration of removing vdc failed
52003 Postcheck of removing vdc failed
52004 Invalid vdc status occurred when removing vdc
53001 Cannot update all the vdc
53002 Invalid vdc status occurred when updating vdc
53003 Precheck of updating vdc failed
54001 The current VDC is not in correct status to perform disconnecting operation
54002 The VDC to be disconnected is still reachable
54003 Some vdc is under disconnecting or connected failed status
54004 Failed to disconnect the VDC
55001 Failed to reconnect the VDC
55002 The VDC is not in correct status to finish reconnect
55003 Back end node repair failed when perform reconnect opertion
55004 There is at least one vdc is unreachable with operator;
60013 Unable to process request due to alert validation scan

Deprecated Error Codes

20 Invalid credentials or authentication token provided to access to this resource
30 Bad Parameters Supplied
70 An error occurred in the API service
160 An error occurred in the controller
180 An error occurred in the storage controller
190 An error occurred in the object controller
200 Unable to find a suitable controller to handle the request
210 An error occurred executing a step in the controller workflow
240 An error occurred in the controller while executing a workflow step
250 Attempt to start a controller workflow that is already running
290 An error occurred while encoding/decoding of tokens
320 An IO error occurred, please check the ViPR logs for more information