Cloud Enterprise Object Storage REST API

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Base URL


API for creating and managing a Base URL.

Base URL is used as part of the object address where virtual host style addressing is used and enables ECS to know which part
of the address refers to the bucket and, optionally, namespace.

For example, if you are using an addressing scheme that includes the namespace, so that you have addresses of the form:, you need to tell ECS that is the Base URL so that it knows that mybucket.mynamespace are the bucket and namespace

Resource Description
POST /object/baseurl Creates a Base URL with the given details
POST /object/baseurl/{id}/deactivate Deletes the specified Base URL
PUT /object/baseurl/{id} Updates the Base URL for the specified Base URL identifier
GET /object/baseurl/{id} Gets details for the specified Base URL
GET /object/baseurl Lists all configured Base URLs