Cloud Enterprise Object Storage REST API

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Update Bucket Is Stale Allowed

PUT /?isstaleallowed

Updates the isStaleAllowed flag for a bucket. The isStaleAllowed flag indicates whether the objects in the bucket will be accessible during a Temporary Site Outage (TSO).

If you set this flag to true and a temporary site outage occurs, objects that you access in this bucket might have been updated at the failed site but changes might not have been propagated to the site from which you are accessing the object. Hence, you are prepared to accept that the objects you read might not be up to date.

If the flag is set to false, data in the zone which has the temporary outage is not available for access from other zones and object reads for data which has its primary in the failed site will fail.

URL Format

Host Style:
Path Style:

Request Headers

x-emc-is-stale-allowed optionalSpecify isStaleAllowed status. If this header does not exist in the request, defaults to false.

Request Payload

No Request Payload

Response Body

Response indicating Success or Failure for this operation